Whats 3D Chess for Android

The ultimate chess game in real 3D, you can play in different modes:

  • One Player: Play against the Artificial Intelligence choosing between 10 levels of difficulty
  • Two Players: Play in the same smartphone with a friend
  • Online: Play against other players over the internet
  • Playback: Review your list of saved matches and playback them again

Download for free from Google Play Store now!

Truly configurable

Choose between different scenarios,
different chess pieces collection and also
pick the piece appearance.


When playing in single player
or multiplayer, you highest scores will be
posted to Google Play Games Services,
you will be able to review and share your

Achievements to unlock!

6 different achievements to unlock
FTL Win a match in time record.
King Slayer Annoy enemy king more than 4 times in a match.
Assassin Let the enemy king alone.
Without Opponnent Win 3 matches in a row.
Divine Protection Keep safe most pieces.
Ascending More than one promoted pawn in a match.


The game uses StockFish A.I. library one of the best
of its kind.

Playback saved matches.

You will be able to save you favorite matches against A.I. or
in multiplayer mode.

Playback them again whenever you want!

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